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This reading demonstrates how circular the struggle of black equity and equality was during the mid-twentieth century. While it appeared like the federal government was trying to support black men, they simply shifted the blame of poverty and emasculation onto the oppressed rather than taking the responsibility as the oppressor. This paper makes me feel like it is the predecessor to Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow. –Olivia Foster

It was really interesting how the struggles of blacks are always on going and never seeming to find a break though. -Deon Satchell

I found this article to be incredibly informative as to the overarching grip the government held on the narratives of its own people. African Americans were fighting for basic human rights throughout the majority of the twentieth century, yet their own government was sabotaging their efforts at nearly every turn, whilst also depicting their people as part of their own problems. - Joey Welch

Learning the origins of the Black Panthers was not surprising, but definitely shocked me a little. From the common narrative and how they have been portrayed, as masculine, militancy, and violence were the themes. But to see a level of citizen-based government and security makes me think we ought to borrow a lesson or two from their book. Of course it's not that simple, however, I'm still convinced we can gain something from this history. - Daniel Childers

Despite modern day retellings of the story of the Black Panthers being a sort of malicious force, they actually did have some positive impact on their communities, with the Free Breakfast program at poor schools and other social events to help out marginalized communities. - Trey Reid

Black people stayed poor because Black women were more knowledgeable than Black men. Black men needed to be elevated such as being enlisted in the military. Black poverty is caused by Black male unemployment because they were discriminated against. - Zack Dutke

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