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As Philadelphia grew, new homes were being developed for the upper and middle strata group of people. The poor in the city would continue to live in the smaller one, two or three room homes, sometimes with 6 people. It did seem more and more Philadelphians were living in homes (owned?) by their betters. (David Y.)

In NOLA, the plots of land were wide and long along the Mississippi so that owners could all have “some bad land and some good land”. This was because the land right by the Mississippi was good for farming and generally solid and stable. However, the land away from the river was marsh and swamp, which made it difficult to build on or farm. However because no one would buy any land that was just swamp, they had to make all the plots of land have some good land in them, which is why urban areas there were forced to be developed differently. (Oliver M)

As cities continued to develop, land began to shift in similar patterns to economic development. Those who were better off were capable of travelling further around the city, due in part to new transportation, and stronger economic standing. In comparison, those who were unable to afford much of anything beyond the basic necessities of life were forced to remain where they were. This in turn influenced newer development: more people were forced to live together in the same properties, while others were able to live by themselves.

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